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ScreenShield Application Kit

From: $2.49

Ships: 24 Hours
For: All Devices

With the help of the ScreenShield Application Kit your Screen Protectors can be installed easily and bubble-free. All our Screen Protector packets include one application kit for free, pick up an extra one to keep on hand.

The wet pad makes it easy to thoroughly clean and sanitise your display before installing your screen protector. The three guide stickers are used to release the screen protector from its protective films without touching or bending the screen protector. The dust remover sticker makes it super easy to dab away dust particles as you apply your protector. We also include a micro-fibre polishing cloth to polish up your device once you’re done.

Kit Includes:
  • Isopropanol Antiseptic Cleaning Wipe
  • Guide Stickers
  • Dust Remover Sticker
  • Microfibre Polishing Cloth

Apply your screen protector

Step 1

Thoroughly clean your device using the included alcohol wipe, make sure there are no smears, dust or particles on the display.


Step 2

Peel any backing layers off your screen protector. Be sure not to touch the adhesive side of your screen protector.


Step 3

Carefully align your screen protector on your device. Apply gentle pressure to adhese your Screen Protector.


Step 4

Using the included polishing cloth, thoroughly polish the front of your sceen protector to remove any air bubbles.